| 13 July 2024, Saturday |

UK is pushing for humanitarian pause in Gaza amid Israeli bombardment, siege

On Monday, British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly informed Reuters that the United Kingdom is actively working on establishing a humanitarian pause to facilitate the delivery of aid to the people of Gaza.
“We’re working extensively with the Egyptians, with the Israelis and others to try and have a humanitarian pause, a temporary pause so that we can get that humanitarian aid to the people that need it,” Cleverly told Reuters at the UK ambassador’s residence in Abu Dhabi.
“It’s trickling through but we need a significant increase in the volume,” he added.

Relief workers on Monday said the largest convoy of humanitarian aid to arrive in Gaza still fell far short of needs.

Israel has killed over 8,000 people, mostly children, in Gaza, according to the Health Ministry.

In the occupied West Bank, Israeli raids and violence have killed more than 110 Palestinian.

The besieged Gaza Strip’s 2.3 million people don’t have access to clean, running water after Israel cut off water and electricity to the enclave.

If water does trickle from the tap, residents have said it’s so contaminated with sewage and seawater that it’s undrinkable.

Under these circumstances, some are forced to use the sea to bathe, wash clothes and clean their cookware.

On Sunday, 33 trucks carrying water, food and medicine entered the only border crossing from Egypt. Israel said it has opened two water lines in southern Gaza within the past week. The AP could not independently verify that either line was functioning.

Israel has been relentlessly bombarding the strip since October 7 when Hamas militants stormed southern Israel, killing more than 1,400 people and taking about 239 people hostage, according to Israeli officials.

  • alarabiya