| 27 May 2024, Monday |

UK PM Johnson says has confidence in police and chief after murder

As outrage rose over the death of a woman by a police officer, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated on Friday that he maintained faith in the police and London’s Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick.

Before abducting, rapping, and killing Sarah Everard, Wayne Couzens, 48, used his position as a police officer to stop her. On Thursday, he was given a life sentence.

Dick has been chastised for her handling of the issue and reaction, with some politicians asking for her resignation.

“I pray to God that it hasn’t shattered public confidence in the hundreds of thousands of police officers around the country… who, by and large, do an outstanding job,” Johnson added. When asked if he supported Commissioner Dick, he said, “definitely.”

“I believe it is critical that people have faith in policing and what the police do, and I do, let me emphasize that.”

Johnson said there was “disturbing things” regarding Couzens’ past misconduct claims, as well as his membership in WhatsApp groups with colleagues, that needed to be investigated.

“We also need to get to the bottom of the WhatsApp groups where messages were being exchanged between police officers. I am concerned,” he said.

Many women have shared their own harrowing experiences in dealing with male policemen, and expressed anger at the police for continuing to put the onus on women to protect themselves from officers.

“Telling women to question an officer or shout down a bus is one small step away from blaming a woman for failing to spot danger or get help if and when they get attacked by a police officer,” deputy Labor leader Angela Rayner said on Twitter.

“It’s simple. Stop expecting bus drivers to police the police and start protecting women.”

  • Reuters