| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

UK says it will back Poland if decides to sends jets to Ukraine

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said on Tuesday that if Poland decides to equip Ukraine with fighter planes, Britain will back it up, but that doing so might have a direct impact on Poland.

“I would back the Poles and whatever decision they made,” Wallace said Sky News, adding that the UK could not provide aircraft that the Ukrainians could use.

“We would protect Poland, we’ll help them with anything that they need,” he said. “Poland will understand that the choices they make will not only directly help Ukraine, which is a good thing, but also may bring them into direct line of fire from countries such as Russia or Belarus.”

Britain has provided Ukraine with defensive weapons as well as other military and humanitarian aid.

Wallace said he would make a statement to parliament on Wednesday setting out what further lethal and non-lethal aid Britain would be providing, as well as what measures the British government would urge other countries to do.

  • Reuters