| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

UK says it will support Poland if it decides to send fighter jets to Ukraine

On Tuesday, British defense minister Ben Wallace stated that if Poland elected to equip Ukraine with fighter jets, the UK would support it, but warned that doing so could have significant consequences for Poland.

“I would support the Poles in whatever decision they made,” Wallace said on Sky News, adding that the UK could not provide planes for the Ukrainians to use.

“We would safeguard Poland, and we will assist them with anything they require,” he stated. “Poland will realize that the decisions it makes will not only immediately benefit Ukraine, which is a good thing, but they will also put them in direct conflict with nations like Russia and Belarus.”

Defensive weapons, as well as other military and humanitarian help, have been delivered by the United Kingdom to Ukraine.

Wallace said he would give a statement to parliament on Wednesday outlining what further lethal and non-lethal aid Britain would provide, as well as what actions the British government would push other nations to do.

  • Reuters