| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

UK to offer third vaccine shot only to people with severely weak immune system

UK decided to offer a third Covid vaccine shot, only to people with severely weakened immune systems, in a time, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned countries against administering Covid booster shots.

The NHS has decided that the third shot of Covid vaccine will be offered only to people who have compromise or suppressed immune systems. This will have to be suggested and certified by their clinicians.

Health officials have also clarified that the third shot is not a booster shot.

“This is not the start of the booster programme,” UK’s Health Minister Sajid Javid said. “We are continuing to plan for this to begin in September to ensure the protection people have built from vaccines is maintained over time and ahead of the winter. We will prioritise those most at risk to COVID-19, including those who are eligible for a third primary vaccine, for boosters based on the final advice of the JCVI.”

The decision was taken as studies showed that there are still nearly 40 per cent people who have chances of contracting the virus even after getting both shots of coronavirus vaccine.

As per the directive, people with HIV, blood cancer and severely weak immune system are the ones who are eligible for the third shot. People who are consuming medicines that weaken the immune system will also be administered the third shot.