| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Ukraine moves first lorries to Poland by rail through blocked border

Ukrainian state railways Ukrzaliznytsia announced on Sunday that Ukraine had successfully shipped its first shipment of lorries to Poland via rail, evading Polish drivers who had been obstructing the land border between the two nations.

Polish truck drivers began protesting last month over the conditions of Ukrainian lorries’ EU access. They closed the main thoroughfares into Ukraine, which resulted in increased costs for food and fuel and postponed the delivery of drones to the Ukrainian army.

“The truck consignment arrived in Poland by rail. The Ukrainian and Polish parties have agreed on all issues related to the transport and customs and border procedures,” Ukrzaliznytsia said on the Telegram messaging app.

“The trucks will continue to their destination by road,” it said, adding that the rail shipments would be made regularly using modernised platforms.

Ukrainian authorities say about 3,500 lorries are blocked on the Polish side of the Polish-Ukrainian border as of Sunday morning and so far authorities have not been able to reach an agreement with the protesters to stop the action.

The main demand of Polish hauliers is to stop Ukrainian truckers from having permit-free access to the European Union, something that Kyiv and Brussels say is not negotiable.

  • Reuters