| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

Ukraine, Russia swap prisoners; bodies of British volunteers returned

In a separate announcement made on Saturday, Ukraine and Russia exchanged over 200 prisoners of war, along with the bodies of two British volunteers.

116 Ukrainians had been repatriated, according to Andriy Yermak, the chief of staff to the president of Ukraine, while 63 Russian POWs had been freed, according to Russian news outlets citing Moscow’s defense ministry.

116 of our people, including partisans from Kherson, snipers from the Bakhmut (front), and other heroes of ours, managed to return, stated Yermak on Telegram.

Yermak also said the bodies of British volunteer aid workers Andrew Bagshaw and Chris Parry had been sent back to Ukraine.

Bagshaw and Parry were killed during an attempted humanitarian evacuation in eastern Ukraine in January, Parry’s family has previously said.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said the released Russian servicemen included “sensitive category” persons, whose exchange was made possible through the mediation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), according to agencies.

  • Reuters