| 27 September 2023, Wednesday |

Ukraine troops retake village south of Bakhmut, military says

Ukraine said on Friday it had recaptured the devastated eastern village of Andriivka, setting the stage for further advances on the southern flank of Bakhmut, the city that fell into Russian hands in May after months of heavy fighting.

Kyiv’s troops were securing their foothold in the area, while Russian forces suffered significant casualties and lost equipment, the Ukrainian General Staff said in a morning report. There was no immediate comment from Russia.

“In the course of assault operations, they seized Andriivka in Donetsk region,” the General Staff said.

The village of Andriivka lies south of Bakhmut, the site of the fiercest and longest battle since the invasion by Russia in February last year. The General Staff also reported “partial success” near Klishchiivka, a village also south of Bakhmut.

“Capturing and holding Andriivka – is our path to a breakthrough on the right flank of Bakhmut and the key to the success of the entire further offensive,” said the Third Assault Brigade, which took part in the push.

Ukraine advanced cautiously in the area to minimise losses from mines and “very active” Russian defences, brigade spokesman Oleksandr Borodin said.

“They defend their flanks very heavily here because they understand if (their) flank falls completely it will create direct problems to hold the city (Bakhmut) itself,” he said.

“There is no Andriivka left per se,… but as a place, as a square, it is an important square,” he said in televised comments.

  • Reuters