| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Ukraine war may last a decade and Putin a ‘desperate rogue operator: UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss

Vladimir Putin is a “desperate rogue operator” whose invasion of Ukraine might endure up to ten years, said US foreign secretary, Liz Truss, adding that Putin is far more hazardous than the leaders of the Soviet Union, who were more reasonable in their international dealings.
Truss is quoted as saying that the battle in Ukraine might potentially extend for another five years, if not a decade.
Truss said in a foreign policy address, that the UK needed to bolster its military while forging partnerships with free states around the world to deter aggressors who “do not play by the rules.”
She stated that the G7 group of major industrialised nations should serve as a “economic NATO” to protect collective wealth, while the Western military alliance must be willing to welcome countries like Finland and Sweden.

Truss singled out China in a Mansion House speech, for refusing to condemn the invasion of Ukraine while growing Russian imports and remarking on “who should or shouldn’t be a NATO member.”

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