| 24 July 2024, Wednesday |

Ukraine’s capital Kyiv eases COVID-19 restrictions

Ukraine’s capital Kyiv eased on Saturday stringent restrictions imposed last month to prevent the quick spread of the new coronavirus.

In early April, Kyiv restricted its public transport services, shut kindergartens and schools, theaters and shopping centers, and banned spectators from sporting events.

Starting from Saturday, the capital is due to allow the operation of transport, cafes and restaurants, although customer and passenger numbers will be limited. Wearing protective masks is still obligatory in transport and public places.

Local authorities said sports clubs and shopping malls will be able to reopen on Saturday, while kindergartens and schools will open from May 5.

Last month, Kyiv registered some of highest numbers of new infections among Ukrainian regions, but new cases fell significantly last week.

Ukraine has recorded over 2 million infections and 44,436 fatalities since the pandemic began last year.

  • Reuters