| 25 June 2024, Tuesday |

Ukrainian minister vows more drone strikes on Russian ships

A Ukrainian official who has been instrumental in developing the nation’s drone sector told Reuters following a recent spate of sea strikes that Ukraine will be able to launch additional attacks on Russian ships.

More drones, more strikes, and fewer Russian ships will all be present. That’s for sure,” stated Mykhailo Fedorov, minister of digital transformation, in response to a query regarding recent attacks close to Crimea.

This week, Ukraine has made several attacks using sea drones and missiles on Russia’s Black Sea fleet in and around the Crimean peninsula, which was annexed from Ukraine by Russia in 2014.

In a sign of growing confidence, Ukraine has recently claimed responsibility for attacks on Crimea, having previously not directly confirmed involvement in blasts at military targets there.

Russia has acknowledged a Ukrainian missile attack that damaged a warship and a submarine this week, but says it has repelled all sea drone attacks.

On Thursday, Fedorov posted a grainy video on social media that appeared to be filmed from a vessel heading towards a much larger warship, followed by an explosion.

He said at the time that attack was the work of Ukrainian systems paid for by funds from a government-run crowdfunding platform that raises money for equipment including drones.

Fedorov also said Ukraine’s aerial drone production had increased by over 100 times in 2023 from last year.

“I think it’ll be an increase of around 120 to 140 times by the end of this year, if you compare it to the previous one.”

According to the minister, Ukraine is testing AI systems that can locate targets several kilometres away and guide drones to them even if external communications are disrupted by electronic warfare measures.

“We need AI, for instance the technology for finding targets, just like how the Lancet (a Russian drone) operates, so that a target can be located under electronic warfare and destroyed.”

“At the moment it’s all at the testing stage, but some drones we are buying use AI to recognise targets. In a forest, it can detect a target and recognise whether it’s a person, tank, or a certain vehicle. These technologies are being used actively.”

  • Reuters