| 2 March 2024, Saturday |

UN chief, COP28 president clash over future of fossil fuels

At the COP28 climate meeting, U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres encouraged world leaders to prepare for a world without fossil fuels, claiming there was no alternative option to slow down global warming.

Guterres declared: “We cannot save a burning planet with a fire hose of fossil fuels.” This was made a day after COP28 president Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber suggested endorsing the continued use of fossil fuels.

“We cannot achieve the 1.5-degree limit until we completely give up the use of fossil fuels. not cut down. Not slow down,” he shouted, alluding to cutting-edge methods of absorbing and storing carbon emissions.

The competing visions summed up the most divisive issue facing world leaders at this year’s U.N. climate summit in the oil-producing United Arab Emirates.

King Charles III of Britain pleaded with world leaders to make progress in the global climate agenda.

“Scientists have been warning for so long, we are seeing alarming tipping points being reached,” he said.

“Unless we rapidly repair and restore nature’s economy, based on harmony and balance, which is our ultimate sustainer, our own economy and survivability will be imperilled,” said the king, who has spent most of his adult life campaigning on the environment.

  • Reuters