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‘Unacceptable,’ China lashes out at nations calling for Taiwan’s inclusion in COP28

China strongly opposed the suggestion to include Taiwan in the United Nations-backed Conference of the Parties (COP28) Summit in Dubai, expressing strong disapproval on Saturday.
A member of the Chinese delegation reasserted on the platform that Taiwan “was an inalienable part of China.”

“China has noted that during the meeting a handful of countries ignore the fact that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China and make noises about the participation by the Taiwan authorities in the COP,” the member said via a translator.
“This is unacceptable,” the delegate said, asking for their statement to be entered into the official record.

Allies call for Taiwan’s inclusion
Earlier this week, the leaders of four of Taiwan’s diplomatic allies, namely Saint Lucia and Saint Kitts and Nevis, Tuvalu, and Eswatini, called on the UN to include Taiwan in the climate conference.

In his address, Saint Lucian Prime Minister Philip Pierre said that “the time is now for world leaders to transform to a safer place for our children.”

“And in this battle Taiwan must not be left behind,” he underlined.
Prime Minister Terrance Drew of Saint Kitts and Nevis named Taiwan as a “reliable global partner in the climate crisis.”

“Saint Kitts and Nevis firmly believes that Taiwan, as an island nation, should be allowed to play meaningful role in the existential policy drives of the United Nations,” he said.
In his address, Russell Mmiso Dlamini, prime minister of the Kingdom of Eswatini, said all countries should be part of the agreements and commitments on climate action.

“If countries like Taiwan have voluntarily committed for the sake of the planet and people without being a party to the negotiations, then the rest of us can,” he said, adding that Eswatini calls for Taiwan’s formal inclusion in future COP meetings.

Taiwan’s status at the UN
Taiwan, a proud democratic country in East Asia, was kicked out of the UN in 1971. Over the last few years, Beijing has exerted pressure on nations still having active diplomatic relations with the island nation.

But Beijing’s pressure has not stopped Taiwan from contributing to the global good amid increasing climate change concerns. It has already submitted an action plan in line with the 2015 accord. In Dubai too, it took out advertisements in public places to highlight its activities.

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