| 27 May 2024, Monday |

‘Uncontrolled’ Spanish wildfire was started deliberately, official says

Spanish authorities said on Tuesday that the wildfire in the northwestern Spanish region of Galicia that has burned through 1,000 hectares (2,500 acres) of forest was started deliberately.

The blaze near the small town of Ribas de Sil erupted on Monday afternoon and sent huge plumes of smoke high into the air, blocking local roads and train lines.

Regional environment chief Manuel Rodriguez told a news conference that the fire was “clearly intentional”.

“Investigators have identified various points that ignited simultaneously… Whoever did this knew perfectly well it would cause a lot of damage,” he said.

“You can’t explain this…It’s difficult to put yourself in the head of someone who would want to do this.”

Authorities have evacuated residents of the village of Rairos, which could be in the path of the blaze, but said no houses are at risk for now.

  • Reuters