| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

US, allies plan ways to help establish, support a Ukrainian government-in-exile

US and its allies have started to plan about how to help establish and support a government-in-exile, while Russia is advancing in Ukraine.

This government could direct guerrilla operations against Russian occupiers, as per several US and European officials.

This comes as the Ukraine is still longing for complete support from the US and its allies.

The United States has provided weapons to Ukraine’s military. This equipment continues to flow into the country. It would be crucial for the success of an insurgent movement later, the officials said.

The Biden administration has asked Congress, which is infused with a rare bipartisan spirit in defense of Ukraine, to take up a $10 billion humanitarian aid and military package. It includes funding to replenish the stocks of weapons that have already been sent.

If the United States and its allies choose to back an insurgency, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky would be the important force, officials said.

He can be crucial in maintaining morale and rallying Ukrainians against the Russian rulers.

The possible takeover of Kyiv by Russians seems to have prompted a flurry of planning at the State Department, Pentagon and other US agencies if the Zelensky government has to flee the capital.

“We’re doing contingency planning now for every possibility.” It includes a scenario where Zelensky establishes a government-in-exile in Poland, said a US administration official on the condition of anonymity.

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