| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

US Capitol attack probe: Top US court formally rejects Donald Trump’s fight over January 6 attack records

The top US court had previously rejected Trump’s emergency request to block the National Archives from turning over the documents, rejected again his request to block the release of White House records asked by the panel probing last year’s deadly attack on the Capitol.

The former President has been accused of involvement in the Capitol riot and he is also facing lawsuits. His role on that day is also being examined by a House of Representatives select committee.
The committee has hundreds of pages of documents, text messages and testimonies in its possession. The head of the panel said that Trump had sought to keep some of the documents hidden.
The House Select Committee was created last year to investigate the January 6 violence, when thousands of Trump supporters descended on the US Capitol in Washington DC to stop the process of confirmation of President Joe Biden’s victory.

At the same time, Trump took to Twitter to criticize his vice president Mike Pence for not blocking certification of Joe Biden’s election victory, an act the judge said constituted “tacit agreement” with those who stormed the Capitol.

During the investigation, it has been understood that the panel has interviewed hundreds of witnesses and has received over 50,000 documents.

During the deadly attack on US Capitol, seven people were killed and dozens were injured. An investigation is underway and more than 700 people have been charged so far. wions