| 2 December 2023, Saturday |

US forces in Syria and Iraq attacked three times this week, brings total to 58

US forces have been attacked three times since Tuesday in Iraq and Syria, bringing the total number of attacks on American troops to 58 since October 17, the Pentagon said.

Asked if the Pentagon was waiting for a service member to be killed before taking stronger, more effective action, Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh told reporters: “No, absolutely not.”

Close to 60 US service members have been injured since the uptick in attacks following the US force posture increases in the Middle East.

Washington ordered the deployment of thousands of troops as well as warships and fighter jets to the region after Hamas launched the deadliest attack on Israel that it has ever suffered on October 7.

The US has responded publicly three times to the dozens of attacks.

Singh defended the US policy and responses, saying the attacks have all been “unsuccessful” and failed to cause “significant injury” to service members.

Several have suffered traumatic brain injuries (TBI), but all have returned to duty.

“Our attacks have significantly downgraded and degraded… the access that these militia groups have to these weapons,” Singh said.

The most recent retaliatory attack by the US destroyed a warehouse and training facility the Pentagon said was being used by Iran-backed militias and fighters in Syria. Despite being targeted in Iraq more than 30 times, the US has not yet responded inside Iraq against fighters and militants Iran backs.

Singh added that the US believes it has been “very effective in responding and sending a message to Iran.”


  • alarabiya