| 6 December 2023, Wednesday |

US health officials detect monkeypox virus among kids

As the Centers for Disease Control Prevention and Control (CDC) said kids under 8 were at “increased risk,” US health officials detected two cases of monkeypox in children.

The CDC declared the virus was spread from the gay men’s community, however, both children are doing well. The US health agency said men who have sex with other men remain the most “vulnerable” to monkeypox.
A research earlier had indicated that in ninety-five per cent of cases the monkeypox virus had spread through sexual activity among gay and bisexual men.
CDC said the monkeypox virus is “not limited to any one community” while asserting that there were 2,593 confirmed monkeypox cases in the US. The WHO had said earlier that the virus “poses a real risk” to public health.
Reports claim Virginia health officials detected 64 monkeypox cases even as they ramped up testing and vaccine drive.

Monkeypox causes rashes and it belongs to the same family that causes smallpox and spreads from person-to-person.

The symptoms of the virus include fever, headache, muscle ache, tiredness and swollen lymph nodes. The virus has spread rapidly in Europe and United States after it was first detected in May. Although there is no specific treatment for the monkeypox virus, the CDC has recommended antivirals such as tecovirimat.

The US has approved two vaccines JYNNEOS and ACAM2000 to combat the virus. The European Medicines Agency had earlier approved the use of smallpox vaccine Imvanex to fight the monkeypox virus.

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