| 8 December 2021, Wednesday |

US: Top military leader warns China will soon be capable of launching a nuclear attack

China might one day be capable of launching a surprise nuclear attack on the US, said the second most senior US general, John Hyten, in an interview with CBS News, adding that the Chinese hypersonic missile test over the summer “went around the world”.
He said, “They launched a long-range missile. It went around the world, dropped off a hypersonic glide vehicle that glided all the way back to China, that impacted a target in China.” When asked about the missile hitting the target, Hyten replied: “Close enough.”
Hyten said, “Why are they building all of this capability?”
“They look like a first-use weapon. That’s what those weapons look like to me.”
China has denied that it has tested hypersonic weapons. The pace with which the Chinese have developed their system has surprised US national security officials. Hyten had previously deemed China’s developing pace as “stunning.”
Meanwhile, earlier this week, US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping opened a virtual summit. This was done with the aim of more communication between the superpowers and “guardrails” to prevent a conflict.
Biden said they must create “guardrails” so that the competition between the two countries does not veer into conflict, whether intended or unintended. They would have a “candid” discussion, he added.
Referring to Biden as his “old friend,” Beijing’s Xi said the rivals must work more closely. “China and the United States need to increase communication and cooperation,” he said.