| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Vietnamese minister under fire for ‘Salt Bae’ golden steak dinner in London

Vietnam’s Public Security Minister has come under fire for dining at the pricey Nusr-Et steakhouse in London earlier this month, where he was hand-fed a gold-plated steak by celebrity chef Nusret Gokce, according to the BBC.

BBC reported, “critics have questioned the choice of venue, with one steak dish costing more than the minister’s monthly wage.”

According to reports, the celebrity chef posted the video on his TikTok account, which shows Minister General To Lam and a Vietnamese delegation dining at the restaurant.

The video, which was later re-shared on Twitter, showed Lam being hand-fed a piece of meat, but it was reportedly deleted “after attracting media attention.”

According to the BBC, human rights activist Hoang Dung questioned why a work dinner was held “at such an expensive restaurant.”

The newly opened restaurant is located in London’s affluent Knightsbridge district and is known for its pricey menu.

“The prices aren’t listed on the website, but according to reviews, the gold-covered steak costs between £850 and £1,500 ($1,140 and $2,015).” “And that doesn’t include drinks, side dishes, or the 15% service charge,” the BBC reported.

Other social media users allegedly condemned the meal, comparing it to poverty in Vietnam.

According to the BBC, one person told Radio Free Asia, “My tax money has been used for luxury.”

“Vietnam is still poor, but the minister is so luxurious, and the officer is so lavish,” Facebook user Mung Tin Ngo wrote.

Lam’s office made no comments after the video and dinner outing sparked outrage.

It is unknown who paid the bill or how much it totaled, but according to the report, the minister’s monthly salary ranges between $600 and $800.

The official was in London following the conclusion of the COP26 climate summit in nearby Glasgow, Scotland.