| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Wad Madani: Who Seizes it Rules Sudan

Whoever controls the city of Wad Madani consequently rules the whole of Sudan.

The Rapid Support Forces’ targeting of the city is a qualitative development in the fighting with the Sudanese army given the city’s significance and its strategic location.

Wad Madani is Sudan’s second city in terms of social, political, and economic weight. It is the capital of the El Gezira state.

The Gezira state is located in southern Khartoum and is bordered to the north and west by the White Nile State, to the south by Sennar, and the east by Al Qadarif. It is considered the geographical center of Sudan.

Gezira is the first economic state in the country given its abundance of human, agricultural, animal, and natural resources. It is also home to the Gezira Scheme which is one of the largest irrigation projects in the world and was established in 1925 during British colonialism.

he cotton grown in Gezira used to be the most important export of Sudan and the main supplier of hard currency to the country, but the project was severely shocked upon the coup of 1989 due to the failed policies adopted by the coup regime. Things got worse when the government started depending on oil supplies after the nineties of the past century.

In addition to its economic significance, Wad Madani hosted following the war between the army and the RSF hundreds of thousands of refugees and received the greatest number of people fleeing from the fighting in Khartoum.
This has made it a vital city in the Sudanese developments during the war, and maybe after it.

In the case of the RSF seizure of the city, they would have seized the center of Sudan. The Hantoub Bridge is the only bridge that connects the country’s center, south, and west to the east.

Wad Madani is considered a cultural and artistic center and it has the University of Gezira, the third university in the country in terms of academic and historical rating. It also has Gezira Literature and Arts Association which is one of the most important cultural associations in the history of the country.

Wad Madani has also presented a huge number of politicians, artists, and writers.


  • Asharq Al-Awsat