| 29 November 2023, Wednesday |

Why are tensions mounting on the Belarus-Poland border?

Following an alleged invasion by Belarusian military helicopters, Poland is sending more troops to its border with Belarus.

According to the Polish administration, fighters from the Wagner mercenary group have begun marching towards the border from Belarus.

What was the most recent border incident between Poland and Belarus?

According to Poland’s government, two Belarus military helicopters flew at low altitude around two kilometers into its territory in the Bialowieza area on August 1.

At the time, Belarusian army troops were conducting drills along the border.

Its government denied any “border violations by Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters” and dismissed the claim as a “old wives’ tale.”

Residents of Bielowieza have shared photos of a Mi-8 aircraft and a Mi-24 helicopter with Belarusian insignia that they believe flew above the town on social media.

The serial numbers of the helicopters were matched to those observed at the adjacent Machulishchi airport in 2018.

This military operation follows hundreds of unauthorized border crossings into Poland from Belarus.

Poland claims that since 2021 Belarus has been encouraging people from the Middle East and Africa to travel to Belarus and cross the border illegally.