| 26 September 2022, Monday |

Will Queen Elizabeth II abdicate? Reports suggest ‘sensitive’ planning underway for Prince Charles’ coronation

After she had acceded to the throne on February 6, 1952, after the death of her father King George VI, Queen Elizabeth II became the first British monarch to reign for seven decades.

She received greetings and wishes from all over the world as she marked the historic date quietly at Sandringham, in eastern England where her father died.
In a landmark address marking the 70th anniversary of her reign, the Queen said that she wants Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, to be known as ‘Queen Consort’ when Prince Charles becomes King.

The announcement further quantifies the speculations of whether the longest-serving monarch will abdicate to let her son take over.
On the day when the entire country was celebrating, there were reports that the Queen might step down in favour of her son Prince Charles.

Important to note that Queen has said in the past that she will never abdicate and will stay in the role her entire life.

The Daily Star reported citing a military source that “sensitive” planning for Prince Charles’ coronation is underway. The report also added that there’s a “working plan” for Charles to be crowned, which might take place as early as 2023.

“We are shaping a military event that will need approval from the palace nearer the time,” the source added.

The source added, “Our role is the ceremonial presentation and to make sure we are ready for whatever date is ­decided. We have lots of contingencies in place – but this will be special.”

“On current direction we have been told to make contingency plans for a coronation parade – that means we need to make sure the military can ­deliver what we plan. Delicate matters regarding the date for the coronation will be made by the Palace and the Queen’s office,” the source added.

The source said that any event of such magnitude will ­require a detailed “military and ­security planning”, adding that with the lead on security being the responsibility of the Metropolitan Police.

On the other hand, Lady Pamela Hicks, cousin of the late Prince Philip, said otherwise.

During a panel called “70 Years of Duty and Friendship” on February 4, Hicks was asked about abdication. Lady Pamela replied: “She [Queen] will never abdicate.”

“Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands abdicated to her daughter [in 1948], but the Queen was shocked by the idea because she never can, because she has been anointed and takes her religion very seriously,” she explained. wions