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world, corona : more than 2 million 543 thousand deaths, 114 million and 690 thousand infected

The new Corona virus continues to spread in all countries of the world, claiming more lives. The latest statistics related to the global epidemic revealed that the number of infected rose to 114 million and 689 thousand and 362 , on Monday.  The number of deaths increased to two million 543,312 deaths, and the number of recoveries reached 90 million 244,364 cases.

HIV infections have been recorded in more than 210 countries and regions since the first cases were discovered in China in December. More than 20 million people received the first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine in Britain, according to what the government, which is relying on vaccination to get out of the health crisis, announced.

The announcement comes at a time when the country of 66 million people, which has been severely affected by the epidemic, is concerned about the discovery of a new mutated version on its soil that appeared in Manaus, Brazil, and is considered more dangerous.20 million people across the UK have now received the vaccine,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a tweet, noting that it was “a huge national achievement. “He asked everyone to accept the vaccine because “every injection makes a difference in our fight against Covid.

The National Health Commission of China said that it recorded 19 new cases of Coronavirus on the country’s mainland on Sunday, compared to six the previous day.In a statement, the committee stated that all cases were imported from abroad, adding that it had also detected 13 new, symptom-free cases.There are no confirmed cases of asymptomatic cases in China. And the total number of HIV infections in China has reached 89,912, while the number of deaths remains constant at 4636

The Brazilian Ministry of Health said that it had recorded 721 deaths from the Corona virus and 34,027 new cases within 24 hours. The numbers show a slight decrease after five consecutive days in which the number lasted above 1,300 deaths and at least 60,000 injuries, but the South American country has been fighting a second violent wave of infection that has been going on for more than three months .Brazil has recorded a total of 10 million 551259 cases, and 254,942 deaths from the virus since the outbreak of the epidemic

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