| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

World won’t let Putin use nuclear weapons, says Ukraine’s Zelenskiy

On Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said he did not believe the world would allow Vladimir Putin to use nuclear weapons and pledged to continue freeing Ukrainian land taken by Russian soldiers.

Zelenskiy was speaking to Germany’s BILD TV in an interview released hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a partial mobilization and warned that Moscow would respond to “nuclear blackmail” from the West.

It was Russia’s first such mobilization since World War II, and it marked the most significant escalation in the Ukraine conflict since Moscow’s incursion in February.

“I do not believe he (Putin) will employ these weapons. I don’t believe the world will let him use these weapons “According to a piece published by the publication, Zelenskiy stated.

“Putin can declare tomorrow that, in addition to Ukraine, he wants a piece of Poland, or else he will use nuclear weapons. We cannot make these concessions.”

Ukraine has recaptured swathes of its territory after a lightning counter-offensive in recent weeks, inflicting mounting casualties on Russian troops.

Putin’s mobilisation has come in response to Russia’s failings on the battlefield, Zelenskiy said.

“He sees that his units are simply running away,” Zelenskiy said, adding that Putin “wants to drown Ukraine in blood, including the blood of his own soldiers”.

Zelenskiy also dismissed plans by four Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine to hold referendums on joining Russia on September 23-27, calling it a “sham” that would not be recognized by most nations.

“Step by step, we shall carry out our ideas. I am certain that we will free our area “He stated.

  • Reuters