| 2 December 2023, Saturday |

Yemen: Liberation of Bayhan Paves Way to Freeing Al-Bayda, Marib from Houthis

One week after the Yemeni Army’s Giants Brigades launched a military operation in northwestern Shabwah governorate, pro-government forces were able to liberate Bayhan district from the hold of Houthi militias on Friday.


The liberation was supported by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition and it paves the way towards freeing the governorates of Al-Bayda and Marib.


According to reports by army media, the Giants Brigades managed to liberate the crossroads linking Bayhan in Shabwah and Al-Bayda, while the remnants of Houthi militiamen were seen escaping through Wadi Khair towards Aqabat Al-Qana`a in the Numan district of neighboring Al-Bayda.


Footage of Houthi militias fleeing with their military vehicles from Bayhan, leaving dust behind, sparked sarcastic comments from Yemeni activists on social media. They described the matter as evidence of the terror group and its fragility.


According to the military sources, Arab Coalition fighter jets launched strikes on Houthi militia fortifications in the mountains overlooking Bayhan, before targeting elements fleeing towards Al-Bayda.


On Thursday, the Arab Coalition reported that it had carried out 35 operations targeting the Iran-backed group in Shabwah, especially where battles are taking place on the outskirts of Bayhan District. The raids resulted in the destruction of 25 military vehicles and the killing of 240 terrorist elements.


Coalition airstrikes had doubled the losses of the Houthi militia on the various fronts surrounding Marib and Shabwah. Estimates suggest that Houthis have lost about 8,000 fighters during the past two months, bringing the number of militants killed to more than 30,000 since February 2021.


The liberation of Bayhan, which was occupied by the insurgents last September along with the districts of Usaylan and Ain, makes way for the Giants Brigades to head to districts south of Marib, as well as open the way for military operations to liberate Al-Bayda.

  • Asharq Al-Awsat