| 5 December 2023, Tuesday |

Yemeni diplomatic push in New York seeks crucial peace support

At the UN General Assembly in New York, Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) President Rashad al-Alimi highlighted his country’s crisis, rallying global backing to pressure Houthi insurgents for a durable, comprehensive peace.

Alimi continued his meetings in New York, which included discussions with the Secretary-General of the Arab League, the UAE Foreign Minister, and UN officials, as reported by Yemeni official sources.

During his meeting with Ahmed Aboul Gheit, the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Alimi discussed the Yemeni situation and the mediation efforts by Saudi Arabia and Oman to renew the ceasefire and launch a comprehensive political process under UN guidance.

PLC Vice President Aidarous al-Zubaidi attended the meeting with Aboul Gheit.

Additionally, Alimi met with Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs, and updated him on the Yemeni situation and the prospects for achieving a fair and comprehensive peace based on agreed-upon national, regional, and international frameworks.

Alimi also had discussions with Achim Steiner, the Administrator of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

In those discussions, Alimi focused on various UN development interventions and coordinated efforts with the international community to secure additional funding for more sustainable and effective programs in Yemen.

Alimi also praised the UN’s shift from relief to sustainable development and shared his observations regarding certain UN interventions, including the necessity to halt support directed towards the Houthis in the field of mine clearance.

In other news, Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmed bin Mubarak emphasized that the food security crisis in his country is a direct result of the nearly nine-year-long war waged by the Houthis.

He pointed out that understanding the root causes of this crisis and the deterioration of essential services in the country are crucial elements in finding a solution.

  • Asharq Al-Awsat