| 6 December 2023, Wednesday |

Yemeni-Iraqi talks in Baghdad seek to bolster relations

Iraq welcomed Saudi efforts to resolve the crisis in Yemen, including the efforts that led to the declaration of the Riyadh Agreement in 2019.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein held talks with his Yemeni counterpart Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak in Baghdad on Sunday.

During a joint press conference, Hussein said Baghdad was keen on reopening its embassy in Yemen as soon as stability is restored in the country.

Iraq backs efforts to achieve calm and kick off dialogue between all Yemeni parties, he added.

Moreover, he hoped that the undeclared nationwide truce in Yemen would be translated into political calm and dialogue, adding that Baghdad was willing to cooperate to that end.

“We enjoy good relations with Yemen that we can utilize to help achieve its stability and security,” stressed the official.

“We can work on the regional level in this regard and if there is a need, we are prepared to be part of the solution,” Hussein stated.

Furthermore, he underlined the need to improve the humanitarian situation in Yemen and facilitate the delivery of food.

For his part, bin Mubarak hailed the positive role Iraq plays in Yemen and its role in achieving the truce.

“We are committed to the truce. Now is the time to end the war in Yemen and we are ready to implement a peace agreement,” he declared.

He said his country was suffering from an economic war due to the destruction of oil export ports and difficulty in delivering relief aid.

He also welcomed any Iraqi consular delegation that would be appointed to Yemen.

The FMs held talks on bolstering bilateral relations between their countries. They covered the latest economic and political developments in Yemen, reported Yemen’s state news agency Saba.

Bin Mubarak cited the Iran-backed Houthi militias’ intransigence in extending the truce and ending the conflict. He criticized them for refusing to seriously deal with United Nations and regional peace efforts.

Rather, they have opted to continue their violations against the Yemeni people, he added.

Bin Mubarak spoke of the economic war the Houthis are waging, including their siege of Taiz city and shelling of oil export ports.

The Iraqi and Yemeni foreign ministries signed a political consultations agreement. The officials agreed to bolster relations through the resumption of the meetings of their joint ministerial committee.

  • Asharq Al-Awsat