| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

Yemen’s Houthis kill elderly woman in front of her children: Minister

Members of the Iran-backed Houthi militia have killed an elderly woman in front of her children in Yemen, Moammar al-Eryani, the country’s Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, said on Tuesday.

“Killing of old woman by Iranian-backed Houthi militia before her children in Al-Asha, Amran, reflects their brutality, criminality and indifference to blood of Yemenis,” the minister said in a tweet accompanied a video of the incident.

Al-Eryani said this brutal act confirms disavowal of Islamic, human, and moral teachings and values, as well as Yemeni traditions that criminalize assaults on women.

“These brutal crimes and violations committed by Houthi militia, including killing, looting of money and property, violation of sanctities an indecent assault, reveal their true face, and reflect part of the tragedy and suffering incurred by millions of civilians in areas under its control,” he added.

On Sunday, at least 30 soldiers were killed and 60 were wounded in Iran-backed Houthi strikes on a military base belonging to forces of the Arab Coalition.

Medics said they received seven bodies and treated more than 50 people injured in the attack on al-Anad air base in the government-held southern province of Lahij.

Al-Eryani said the continued silence of international community, including the United Nations, UN and US envoys, and human rights organizations, “on these heinous crimes, is considered as green light by Houthi militia to commit more crimes and violations that innocent civilians are paying the price for.”

For his part, Yemen’s President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi said the Houthi militia will pay the price for their attack on al-Anad airbase in the government-held southern province of Lahij on Sunday morning.

The president said that the terrorist Houthi militia will be held accountable for every crime it commits against Yemenis, and that the people’s battle against the Iranian project in Yemen is continuing.

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