| 16 June 2024, Sunday |

Zelenskyy: Ukraine will set up production means for advanced weapons, air defenses

Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated, will develop the capacity to manufacture advanced weapons and air defenses in order to ensure the nation’s security.
The Ukrainian President stated in his nightly address: “The best thing for us is to be able to produce air defense and other advanced weapons. This is the only way. To guarantee Ukraine’s security. And we will produce, we will build all the necessary production facilities step by step.”

Zelenskyy announced that the first batch of US-made Abrams tanks are already in Ukraine. “We are preparing them to reinforce our actions against the occupiers. And it will be a significant reinforcement,” he said.

“We are also working to get all the other weapons capabilities we need. This includes F16s – we are preparing pilots and infrastructure. This also includes long-range weapons – we are doing our utmost to enable Ukraine to do more to liberate its territory. The same goes for air defense. To cover the entire territory of our country, we need more systems than we currently have,” he added.

Separately, Zelenskyy vowed to retaliate against Russian strikes. “During just one attack against Ukraine last night, the enemy used 33 strike weapons – ‘Shaheds’ and missiles. Most of them were launched against Odesa and the region. Most of them were shot down. Unfortunately, not all of them. Unfortunately, there were hits. But 30 targets out of 33 were neutralized. It is important to bear in mind that each neutralized target means saved lives.”

He added: “We will retaliate against Russia for every strike against our cities and villages, against every Ukrainian community. For Odesa, for Beryslav and Kherson, for Donetsk, Kharkiv and Sumy regions. For all our regions.”

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