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90% of Mena employees feel optimistic about 2022, survey finds

According to a recent study, 90% of working professionals questioned in the Middle East and North Africa are positive about 2022, as employment prospects and labor market confidence rise on the back of economic development, despite pandemic-induced challenges.

According to a poll conducted by the employment portal, over 85% of respondents believe the new year would bring numerous changes in their professional and personal life. From November 11 to December 15, 2021, it questioned 3,395 people in nations such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain, among others.

Finding a new job was the top career-related resolution for 56% of respondents in 2022. Twenty-one percent said their primary resolve was to get a promotion or raise in pay, while 21% said they wanted to gain new skills at work and 2% said they wanted to improve relationships with coworkers and bosses.

“Our latest study clearly reveals that most Mena professionals are not only prepared for a challenge next year, but appreciate it as a way to expand their professional and personal life,” said Ola Haddad,’s director of human resources.

“In fact, finding a new job is one of the top New Year’s objectives for professionals, and many professionals will begin 2022 with high hopes.”

According to Cooper Fitch this month, over 43% of firms in the UAE aim to boost pay by an average of 3% in 2022.

According to the Cooper Fitch Guide 2022, which questioned more than 600 firms in the UAE, 35% of businesses expect to increase pay from 0% to 5%, 4% will provide employees a rise between 6% and 9%, and 5% would increase wages by 10% or more.

According to the Cooper Fitch report, around 37% of organizations do not expect to make any salary increases next year.

According to a separate Mercer estimate released last month, firms in the UAE would embark on a hiring frenzy in 2022, raising wages by an average of 3.6% as employment demand heats up during the UAE’s post-coronavirus economic rebound.

Attracting and keeping employees will also necessitate a greater emphasis on flexible working practices such as hybrid or remote working, according to Mercer’s 2021 Total Remuneration Survey.

According to the poll, while looking for new employment in 2022, 86% of respondents will spend more time looking for remote positions, 76% will use online job sites, 14% would use corporate websites, 6% will use social media, and 2% will utilize online job fairs.

According to the poll, around 65% of working professionals in the Mena area listed conserving money as the most popular personal commitment, 21% chose exercising and eating a healthy diet, 9% chose spending more time with friends and family, and 6% cited taking more trips.

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