| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Amazon agrees deal with most Spanish workers over Cyber Monday walkout

According to local union group CCOO and the corporation, Amazon (AMZN.O) reached an agreement with the majority of its workers in Spain on Monday, avoiding the full impact of a scheduled one-hour strike per shift on one of the busiest days for online shopping of the year.

A group of approximately 20,000 warehouse and delivery employees at Amazon’s Spanish branch were encouraged to go on strike in order to demand improved compensation and working conditions on the day known as Cyber Monday, when retailers hope to increase sales of Christmas gifts.

Only 5,000 Amazon delivery workers will continue with the protest, stopping work for the last hour of their shifts, after they considered the company’s proposal for better pay conditions was not enough, said Douglas Harper, the leader of CCOO, the largest union at the U.S. retailer in Spain.

“The vast majority of our teams will continue to work as normal and there will be no impact on our operations for our customers,” the company said in an emailed statement. “We are proud of the wages, benefits and safer working conditions that will be provided to our employees in Spain,” Amazon added.

CCOO said it would continue negotiations with the company to improve pay and conditions at the local unit.

Amazon logistics workers on both sides of the Atlantic have complained about working conditions, with groups of workers and activists across Europe protesting against the U.S. e-commerce giant as recently as Friday.

  • Reuters