| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

Cedar Oxygen announces its Virtual “Made in Lebanon” Industrial Fair

Cedar Oxygen is launching its first of its kind virtual industrial fair, which is slated to take place on the 29th of April, with the sponsorship of Ksara and Zeeni Steel and the support of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists, IDAL, and the Embassy of Lebanon in France.

Around 40 Lebanese industrialists, across 5 different value-add and productive sectors (Agri-food, Chemical Products, Industrial & Electrical Machinery, Textile & Clothing, Paper & Packaging) have been shortlisted to participate and exhibit in the event, at no cost, and showcase their know how and products to Belgian, French, German, and UK end buyers and suppliers of raw materials.

This event is open to all to attend and registration will be open online on the following link:

The virtual fair will include an exhibition area showcasing the industrialists’ virtual booth, an auditorium to host lectures by keynote speakers in order to discuss methods to support the industrial sector and benefit the economy as a whole, in addition to a lounge for networking sessions.

Alexandre Harkous, Chairman & Managing Partner of Cedar Oxygen, said: “We are in dire need for such an event and we are doing everything in our power to promote the “Made in Lebanon” and help industrialists grow their export capabilities and expand their production.”

Karl Naïm, Managing Director & Founding Member of Cedar Oxygen, added: “Towards this end, we have set up this virtual fair to introduce them to European counterparts who can help them achieve this goal. Ultimately, we want the industrial sector to thrive and the economy to find some stability.”

  • NNA