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Google employees to lose pay and eventually be fired if they don’t get vaccinated

According to an internal document, Google will suspend workers who do not comply with the Covid-19 vaccination requirements and dismiss them if they continue to do so.

CNBC reported that Google employees had until December 3 to submit proof of vaccination or seek for an exemption for medical or religious reasons, citing a corporate message. On December 18, management will begin contacting unvaccinated staff.

Uncertainty over Omicron leads businesses to reconsider their return-to-work strategies.
Employees who fail to comply by the deadline of January 18 will be placed on “paid administrative leave” for 30 days, followed by a six-month “unpaid personal leave” with three months of benefits.

If an employee does not comply after this time period, Google will fire them.

According to Android Central, the strategy was initiated in the United States and would be extended to offices in other countries “when local restrictions permit.”

According to a Google spokeswoman, the change is restricted to the United States because it is a legislative obligation. Any action Google takes for their employees in other locations will be determined by local authorities’ policies.

“We are certain that our vaccination requirements are one of the most critical ways we can keep our personnel safe and our services functioning.” “We are dedicated to doing all in our power to enable our workers who are able to be vaccinated do so,” the representative continued.

The action is the result of a Biden administration directive requiring US enterprises with more over 100 workers to have their personnel completely immunized or frequently tested on a weekly basis by January 18, a measure that affects 84 million people. Washington also mandates these businesses to give paid time for their employees to be vaccinated as well as sick leave to recuperate from any adverse effects.

The White House has not provided any advice on how to deal with disobedient staff. Companies have the authority to suspend or terminate employees.

According to NBC, Google is among the major corporations advocating for a vaccination requirement, which also includes American Express, BlackRock, Cisco, Citigroup, Deloitte, Delta Air Lines, General Electric, Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Ford, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Netflix, Walt Disney, and Walmart.

Google is hardly the first company to fire employees who fail to comply with immunization regulations.

United Airlines said in September that it will fire around 600 workers for failing to comply with its immunization policies. Northwell Health, New York’s largest health-care provider, laid off around 1,400 people in October.

The freshly identified Omicron variation has also compelled businesses all over the world to reconsider their return-to-work strategies.

Google employs over 150,000 people worldwide, with approximately 100,000 in North America.

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