| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Americans are threatening while the French are negotiating!

Will the United States really implement its threats to impose sanctions on those who obstruct the election of a new president? What are the standards that will be followed in imposing them? And what will be France’s position on it?

Western diplomatic sources reveal to “Sawt Beirut International” that further delay in electing a president will not pass quietly in Washington, because the reaction of the US administration and Congress together has entered a serious stage this time, as it seems that Congress in particular is on the lookout for any continuity of negativity and obstruction, while renewed American efforts are emerging to secure stability in Lebanon, and based on that, Washington insists on electing a president, so that this comes within the framework of an integrated political-economic plan for Lebanon that ends the deadly collapse and puts the country on the path of salvation.

While the continuation of the stalemate introduces the country into the unknown and instability at all levels, especially security, which is what the administration is seeking to rectify firmly at the present stage, and the speeches delivered in the congressional session last week when listening to the Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Barbara Leaf, stressed this, especially from Senator Jeanne Shaheen, as well as in the message of the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Chairman of the Democratic Minority in the Committee.

However, French diplomatic sources confirm to “Sawt Beirut International” that France will not abide by any sanctions unless it comes within the framework of sanctions from the European Union collectively, as it will also not impose special French sanctions, and it believes that any American sanctions will not oblige France with anything regarding dealing with the personalities that will be affected by those sanctions, and there is also a cutoff on the issue of sanctions in terms of timing, as France believes that the time has not yet come for sanctions and there is still ample time for political consultations with the Lebanese parties, and therefore any final failure is inevitable to impose sanctions on those who obstruct the electoral process.

And the French sources indicated that France says that the idea of sanctions is not a wrong idea in order for officials to understand that they can no longer procrastinate, and that the Lebanese file has lost its international importance, and therefore, the imposition of sanctions is possible in the next stage, and it was an issue that was raised in the meeting of the Five-Year Committee last February 6, and it is not a surprising issue at all.

However, France believes that it is still able to communicate with all parties and strive to reach a specific formula that is acceptable to all internal parties to produce a president for Lebanon. Therefore, France continues its movement, and will not hesitate to make any effort to help Lebanon.