| 19 June 2024, Wednesday |

An international opportunity until September.. or militancy!

Western diplomatic sources in Beirut have noticed that the current Lebanese situation will drag the country into a strict approach by the international community at every aspect of its entitlements, the Americans, along with the Europeans, put the issue of sanctions against the impediments to the election of the president, as if it were a kind of “Plan B” in dealing with Lebanese officials, provided that this crystallizes after September, the last chance given internationally for the Lebanese to elect their president, otherwise the international intensification towards those responsible. There is also a tendency to be strict in dealing with the new resolution that will be issued by the UN Security Council before the end of August in order to extend for UNIFIL, and they will not respond to Lebanon’s requests to stop allowing freedom of movement for the international force without coordination with the Lebanese army, regardless of the extent to which this paragraph is applied.

The sources indicated to “Sawt Beirut International” that expectations regarding the international community will be very high regarding Lebanon, and the reason is that it is no longer possible to understand the performance of officials and their behavior towards their people and their country. Their procrastination by prolonging the presidential vacancy and thus prolonging the economic rescue has appeared to the public, and all this process is not difficult and should not be complicated in the manner in which it is dealt with. And no one is in a hurry. In addition, most officials and parties give the impression that the country is doing well without a president, and this is unacceptable because the country suffers from political, security and economic risks.

All this performance has led to great international boredom with the situation of Lebanon and fatigue with its file, which is no longer a priority on the international agenda, unless its officials wake up to their interest and play their real role towards their country, and the international community is now dealing with Lebanon as the last priority, and had it not been for the French reminder of the Lebanese situation internationally and regionally, the outside world would have forgotten it a long time ago and fell off the ladder of its interests. Even for the Arabs, the priorities lie in Yemen, Iraq and Syria, not the Lebanese file.

Despite the French movement towards the presidency, the American administration, which implicitly prefers Army Commander Joseph Aoun as president, did not move a finger, according to the sources, and matters are not clear to it. As there are no important visits to Lebanon by American officials, and there is no special interest or priority at all, even the Energy Adviser, Amos Hochstein, did not visit Lebanon during his presence in the region, and there is nothing new from America regarding the southern situation and the land borders.

At this time, everyone realizes that the problem is with Tehran. As long as the fate of the nuclear agreement is not clear, it is not possible to expect Iran to present positive things about Lebanon, according to the sources. France has tried and is trying again, but its attempts are not guaranteed. It is working to penetrate the Lebanese scene, even if it achieves political influence under the domination of “Hezbollah” and Iran. However, Hezbollah, to which Iran has entrusted the Lebanon file, demands more, and will not make concessions except within the framework of a major international-regional settlement in which Iran’s share is preserved and clear.


  • Sawt Beirut International