| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Arab League convenes under chairmanship of Lebanon, boycotted by half of Arabs

The 157th session of the Arab League, presided by Lebanon, takes place at the university’s building in Cairo, at the level of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Presiding over the session is a moral matter for Lebanon, as it directs the Arab debate, and plays a role in formulating the decisions to be issued.

But the paradox now is that Lebanon presides over an Arab meeting at this level, and about half of the Arab countries (i.e. the Gulf) boycott it politically, and prefer not to interfere in its situation or support it, unless it corrects its political path and returns to its Arab brothers in deeds, not in words. Then if it implements Arab and international requests, as to restore its sovereignty, especially the last of which, is the Kuwaiti initiative.

Arab diplomatic sources confirm to “Sawt Beirut International” that the Kuwaiti initiative is not on the session’s agenda, but it will be the focus of an Arab discussion between the Gulf foreign ministers on the sidelines of the session, and the Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdullah Bu Habib, who is chairing the meetings.

It is likely that Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Ahmed Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Saleh, will address this initiative in his speech . The Kuwaiti initiative is welcomed in the Lebanese draft resolution, which comes under the item “Solidarity with the Lebanese Republic.”

The Russian war on Ukraine will be the focus of discussion in the meeting, and on its sidelines as well, as this is a topic that presents itself, but it is of course not included in the agenda, which mainly discusses Arab issues only. But there will be a discussion about its repercussions on the Arab countries and on the world.

10 items on the agenda, including the summit in its 31st regular session, but sources confirm that there is no date yet for the Arab summit, and that Algeria, which it chairs, requested that it be held on the first of next November. This is what the session will take a decision on, and it all depends on the Arab contacts conducted by Algeria.

The sources ruled out the possibility of discussing Syria’s return to the membership of the Arab League, due to the continued lack of Gulf and international desire to do so, which makes its return unwelcome so far.

The session’s agenda includes 10 items, including 8 at its core, and two attached, most notably the joint Arab action, the Palestinian issue and the Arab-Israeli conflict, including the occupied Syrian Arab Golan, then Arab affairs and national security, including solidarity with the Lebanese Republic, and the situation in Syria, Libya and Yemen. Then international political affairs, including: Iranian interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries, the dangers of Israeli armaments on Arab national security and international peace, and Arab relations with international and regional groupings. And the items of social affairs and human rights, in addition to other legal, administrative, media and financial items.

  • Sawt Beirut International