| 24 May 2024, Friday |

‘Hamas’ and the absent State

As if it was not enough what happened due to the illegal weapons which led to the explosion in Hamas’s warehouse in Burj Al Shemali refugee camp in Tyre, and what morally targeted the Lebanese. This explosion as well as the armed clashes that followed reflect the growing dominance of the illegal weapons in Lebanon. The Head of the “Hamas” movement, Khaled Meshaal, visit to Beirut cam to make matters worse for Lebanese, especially that he was received in the Hall of Honor at the airport, and sat honored under picture of President Michel Aoun.

Meshaal’s visit is the first to Lebanon since five years, where he participated in the activities and events of the 34th anniversary of the launch of the movement and held talks with officials.

These talks were not on the level of the Lebanese officials’ approach to the issue of illegal weapons, and no one even dared to question him about the necessity of Hamas’ compliance with Lebanese laws and international resolutions in this regard.

His visit was not on a strategic level except when he held meetings with his allies who have arms outside the framework of the state, especially “Hezbollah” and the Palestinian factions that stand with “Hamas” on one side. The visit has no repercussions in the Lebanese equation except through the alignment of the goals of these allies under the banner of the Iranian Welayit-e faqih, and the Iranian role in consolidating influence in the Middle East.

Of course, after the visit, more repercussions will be revealed on the situation of Lebanon, where the state is absent. The results that Meshaal will provide to his group, the path they will take in the camps, and the security and political burdens that Lebanon will face as a result of this will become clear.

The explosion of “Hamas” warehouse in Tyre on the border indicates that what happened is within the framework of the demilitarized zone between the Litani and the border with Israel, and where there are only “UNIFIL” and the Lebanese army, indicates that there are still areas that are not subject to state authority. It also indicates that the Palestinian camps own weapons, which is inconsistent with the Lebanese constitution and international laws and resolutions. Those decisions that the international and Arab communities are currently refocusing on with Lebanon, as they represent the only solution to its actual problem.

There may be underground tunnels that deliver weapons to this organization in order to use them if it wants against Israel and others. However, the continuation of illegal armament will open the door to a major escalation in the Security Council against Lebanon in the short and long term, according to concerned ambassadors. The Lebanese government must pay attention, otherwise Lebanon will be considered a source of danger from parties that were internationally classified as terrorists, and the Palestinian role in the Lebanese war cannot be overlooked.

  • Sawt Beirut International