| 1 December 2023, Friday |

Nuclear negotiations.. Will it reflect positively or negatively on Lebanon’s fate and presidency?

As much as all eyes are on the Lebanese elections, ie the presidential elections, the same is on Vienna, the venue for the US-Iranian negotiations over a return to the nuclear agreement, as the first will be affected by any outcome of this negotiation, whether positive or negative.

Diplomatic sources in a major capital confirm to “Voice of Beirut International” that reaching a nuclear agreement will calm the parties on the Lebanese arena, as a result of initial understandings that are likely to obtain a margin of agreement and affect various files in the region, at least to suspend the conflict topics , and the disputed linkage, which will lead to the selection of a president who satisfies all parties.

The presence of a president who is acceptable only by one armed group in the country, will lead people to have mercy on the current hell. And not only the president is important, but what is also important is the discipline of the political parties, which always tend to obstruct politically and economically. As there is always worries about obstructing the mission of any president. Here, the sources refer to the obstacles and political games that the late former president “Elias Sarkis” faced in his mission, which led him to pass his reign with a minimum of accomplishments. But what afflicted him as a result of facing these pressures was the inflammatory disease of the nerves, which took his life.

However, a prominent political source believes that the nuclear agreement, if it happens, will have no positive effects on the presidential election in terms of the presence of a sovereign president.

The source told “Sawt Beirut International” that the next stage is defined by two scenarios. Either the election of a President of the Republic who will be a repetition of what preceded it, and the crisis will continue in light of internal dialogues that lead no where. Or there will be another scene that crystallizes through the opposition groups uniting under the name of a president, and he will be an actual president who works to bring about change in the Lebanese reality, and get it out of the political and economic crisis, which is the essence of the problem in the country.

The source added that there are vigorous attempts to unify the opposition, but the matter is not guaranteed until now. And if it does not unite, then “Hezbollah” will be the first winner from that.

The sources believe that there is great concern about the future of Iran’s performance in the region and Lebanon, whether the US and Iran reached an agreement or not.
In the event of an agreement, Iran may get an opportunity to achieve its interests at the expense of the other world that is hostile to it. Consequently, the unrest will continue and will have a negative impact on the region and Lebanon, and if the nuclear program does not succeed, the situation will lead to unrest. In both cases, there is a warning about the fate of Lebanon.

  • Sawt Beirut International