| 24 July 2024, Wednesday |

When will Arab Summit be held, how will it deal with Gaza file?

Arab and international efforts are united to stop the Israeli war on Gaza. Arab diplomatic sources reveal to “Sawt Beirut International” that Arab consultations are taking place at the highest level regarding the date of holding the extraordinary Arab summit called for by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

The sources indicated that there is an Arab intention to hold it on the sidelines of the Arab-African Summit, which will be held in Riyadh on the eleventh of this November. It is easy to hold it on the occasion of that summit scheduled some time ago. Arab leaders, kings and presidents will be present there, and the Arab summit will be held to take a position on the war on Gaza. According to the sources, it is expected that an extraordinary meeting of Arab foreign ministers will be held in preparation for the summit. It may take place at the Arab League in Cairo, or in Riyadh one day before the Arab Summit. But there are intense Arab contacts to resolve all these facts and officially determine the summit’s agenda.

Meanwhile, sources confirm that there are high-level, serious efforts led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan for a ceasefire in Gaza amid Israeli positions opposing the ceasefire. Israel worked to exploit the blow it received on October 7 to turn it into a political victory aimed at transferring the residents of Gaza to Sinai and expelling them from their land, which the Arabs stood against. The sources explained that there are many indicators that the war will not expand. Among them is that time is not on the Israeli Prime Minister’s side, as he will not be able to decide, and the lack of clarity on the price he will reach if the war expands. The longer he delays, the more international support for him declines, and the more global public opinion forms and expands against the Israeli operation. The whole world condemned Hamas and described it as a terrorist organization. But the international community is asking where things will go? Is it to annihilate an entire people, or to destroy a region along with its people?

In addition, a ground invasion is a very expensive operation, and the question is whether the Israelis will be able to afford it? The number of military operations is not easy, as well as the number of prisoners. Can he handle all of this, for the long term?

What is the fate of the land enclaves that Israel has entered, and how can they be protected in light of the dangers surrounding them from Hamas? Therefore, the Israeli operation on the ground will be symbolic and cannot be more than that, but with the intention of killing more.

What discourages the West from entering or supporting a ground war is the ongoing war in Ukraine, which remains a priority for it, in addition to its difficult economic conditions. Then the West’s calculations go beyond that to address the transportation of gas to its countries at the beginning of winter, and if the war expands, this will be disrupted by many factors. According to the ongoing intensive communications, it is best for all parties to exit the impasse. But what is not clear is the position of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who insists on war and not stopping the fire, because stopping it in light of his critical personal situation inside Israel may lead him to prison. What is important now, according to the sources, is how the Arabs will come out with a unified position on the entire Gaza issue.


  • Sawt Beirut International