| 5 March 2024, Tuesday |

Will Lebanon invest its stance regarding Ukraine to speed up support?

Despite the firm conviction of Lebanon’s official stance, regarding condemning the Russian war on Ukraine, and the call for resolving the conflict according to the logic of dialogue, and then a vote in the United Nations General Assembly along with a resolution condemning Russia as well, diplomatic sources indicated that Lebanon is waiting in return from the West, to provide it with basic facilities to save its situation from collapse, paralysis and deterioration, as there is no way out, but to agree with the International Monetary Fund, which later paves the way for actual international and Arab support based on the allocations of “Sadr” conference.

Consequently, Lebanon sees that it is possible to invest its positive political and diplomatic stance, therough supporting the Western countries regarding the Russian war, in order to obtain facilities in accelerating its benefit from the support of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Or on the issue of facilitating the transit of Egyptian gas and Jordanian electricity through Syria, as the Americans promise to do, and American guarantees regarding the removal of related sanctions have been delayed.

As well as in demarcating the southern maritime borders in order to benefit from the oil and gas resources as soon as possible because of this effective impact on the state treasury, by attracting hard currency to the country, and restoring international confidence in Lebanon, which is reflected in the return of investments of all kinds .

Sources indicated to “Sawt Beirut International” that after the tension that resulted because of the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which mainly gained internal consensus, there was no need for political bidding, as goals became clear, Lebanon confirmed this statement in its vote on the United Nations General Assembly resolutions. .

This means that Lebanon is moving internationally, and through its foreign political stances, in the direction that preserves its interests and satisfy the countries that promised to help it save its economy. And it cannot get out of this equation despite the internal pressures that benefit from the presence of weapons by a certain group to redirect its position to another path, as the Western countries, led by the United States, and as well as the Gulf states are strongly present in the Lebanese file, where at any Arab or international entiltment, they are waiting for Beirut to resolve its options.

Or else, there will be no aid, border demarcation, or Arab and Western economic support. There are external political and diplomatic efforts with Lebanon, that outweigh the pressures coming from the ewapons’ team, and it is confirmed that full international support for Lebanon is also linked to political change. If Lebanon is unable to find a solution regarding weapons, it must at least find a solution to its political stances, which are expected to be in line with major international trends.

  • Sawt Beirut International