| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

Amazon drives renewable energy push with 71 new projects Inc announced on Wednesday that it would add 2.7 gigatonnes of clean energy capacity through various new projects as part of its goal to use 100% renewable energy across its operations by 2025.

Amazon’s renewable energy projects would total 379 following the addition of the 71 new ones, and it plans to generate 50,000 gigatonne hours (GWh) of clean energy from its whole portfolio per year, enough to power 4.6 million US homes.

The new projects include three large-scale plants in the Indian state of Rajasthan with a capacity of 420 megawatts (MW), rooftop solar projects in France and Austria, and its first solar farm in Poland.

Amazon-backed Infinium said on Tuesday it would provide the online retail giant with low-carbon electrofuels that would replace the diesel fuel used in the company’s transportation fleet.

  • Reuters