| 16 October 2021, Saturday |

4 Charged with Plotting Attacks on French Vaccination Centers

A French anti-terrorism judge has charged four men with suspected links to a far-right conspiracy theorist over a plot to attack targets including Covid-19 vaccination centers.


Two of the men are also accused of being involved in the kidnapping of an eight-year-old girl in April.


Remy Daillet, a leading figure in conspiracy circles, was arrested in June over the kidnapping as he returned to France on a flight from Singapore.


The four men, who include two former soldiers, were charged on Friday and are suspected of links to Daillet.


An anti-terrorism judge ordered the arrests as part of an investigation into the Honneur et nation group.


Three people were charged in May and five others last month as part of the operation.


The group are suspected of plotting a series of attacks, including against vaccination centers, a Masonic lodge, prominent people and journalists, sources say.


The team had “a multitude of violent actions planned, targeting institutional sites, vaccination centers, 5G antennas”, one source said.


The four men, aged between 43 and 69, were held for questioning on Tuesday.


The kidnapped girl was taken from the home of her grandmother, her legal guardian, in eastern France.


The girl was found a few days later in a squat in Switzerland in the care of her mother, who had lost custody of her. She was returned to her grandmother.


Investigators believe the abduction may have been organized by extremists led by Daillet who believe children in care are unfairly taken from their parents.