| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

A resolution on Afghanistan will be adopted later today, by the  United Nations Security Council (UNSC), it is the first such resolution on the country this month as crisis deepens. The resolution will be adopted at 12.30 am IST, and will be put to vote. Any member country wanting to give explanation can make a statement. This is the 4th document by the Council this month on Afghanistan as America leaves the country after 20 years and Taliban becomes the dominant force.

The wording of the resolution will be carefully noted. Mention of Taliban has gradually been removed from previous 3 press statements. The month of August saw 3 press statements on Afghanistan —  first on August 3 (after attack on UN compound in Herat), then on August 16 (after fall of Kabul to Taliban) and August 27 (after terror attack at Kabul airport).

August 3 statement made the mention of Taliban twice, expressing “deep concern about the high levels of violence in Afghanistan following the Taliban’s military offensive,”. The statement called for an “immediate reduction of violence” & calling for Afghan republic and Taliban to engage “meaningfully in an inclusive, Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process”. The 16th August press statement mentioned Taliban once saying, “neither the Taliban nor any other Afghan group or individual should support terrorists operating on the territory of any other country. There was no mention of Taliban in August 27 statement.
Any press statement or resolution or any UNSC document requires consensus among all 15 members of the council. India is president of the council for the month of August, and takes call on key issues that need to be taken for consideration. While it had 3 signature events — maritime security, counter-terror and UN peacekeeping, Afghanistan remained its top priority.

In fact, on 15th August (Sunday), when Kabul fell to Taliban, India was ready to hold an emergency meet in matter of hours.

The council saw 2 debates on Afghanistan in August, first on 6th August and then on 16th August.