| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

A French policewoman killed by a stab in the neck … Authorities reveal nationality of attacker

A French policewoman died after being attacked with a knife, Friday, in the Yvelines region, about 80 km southwest of Paris.

According to the Al-Hurra correspondent in France, the attack took place in the police department of Rambouillet, and the policewoman died after being stabbed in the neck.

The attacker was stripped of the knife, and died as a result of being shot by fellow policewoman

The French police stated that the suspect in the accident is a Tunisian person, and he committed the accident after storming the police station.

France has recently witnessed a number of extremist attacks, in particular the attack that took place in Nice last November, which resulted in the stabbing of three people.

Teacher Samuel Patti was beheaded  last October, by a Chechen for showing his students cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during a class on freedom of expression.

French President Emmanuel Macron recently pledged that France would not give up freedom of expression, including the freedom to publish cartoons.

His statements sparked a crisis with the Islamic world, as protests took place and calls were made to boycott French products.