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An NYU professor thinks Donald Trump will quit presidential race. Here’s why

During a podcast called ‘Pivot,’ Scott Galloway, a professor at New York University and co-host of the show, surprised his fellow host Kara Swisher by making a prediction. Galloway forecasted that former US President Donald Trump would eventually abandon his pursuit of the presidency in 2024 and instead negotiate a plea deal.
“I think President Trump is not going to run for president under the auspices of a plea deal,” said Galloway after being asked by Swisher about his prediction.

“Where is that coming from? No one says that stuff,” asked Swisher after Galloway made the prediction.
Galloway noted that another presidential hopeful from the Republican Party Chrish Christie had opined on similar lines.

“I actually think Governor Christie is going to surpass DeSantis and be the number two. But I don’t think it will matter… I don’t understand and can’t empathize with President Trump, but I know how old rich men think,” Galloway said.

‘A very nice life’
“He has a very nice life, and his life can be going back to golf and sycophants and having sex with porn stars, which I think is a good thing… I’m not being cynical. I would like to do more of that at some point in my life,” he said.

“Or he can live under the threat of prison. And I think that once the third indictment, I think the laws specifically around these state secrets, I think that he is running for president and the momentum he has is real leverage and power. And I think he’s going to cash that leverage and power in for a plea deal that includes no jail time,”

During the podcast, he said that Trump may be convinced by the Department of Justice or “whoever is in charge” to strike a plea bargain in order to ensure no jail time.

Galloway continued his argument during the podcast.

“To try and cut out the noise and just say, OK, here’s a very wealthy man is 76 or 77. And here’s a political map that shows even if he’s the nominee, even if he runs for president, is most likely going to lose. And here’s someone representing the DOJ who’s gathered everybody and has the rights to negotiate on behalf of the states and the federal government and says, look, we’re going to do a plea deal. You’re going to do this X, Y, and Z, but it doesn’t involve jail time, and you’re going to leave the public stage.”

Former US president Donald Trump is currently the favourite to win the Republican nomination to contest the 2024 elections. But in recent months, he has been beset by indictments, charges and court appearances, all a first for a sitting or former US president. He is in soup for allegations over alleged hush-money payment to porn star stormy Daniels. He faces more serious charges of willful retention of national defense information, conspiracy to obstruct justice and false statements.


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