| 24 April 2024, Wednesday |

Belarusian fertilizers blocked from shipments despite great demand: Putin

“The greatest need for fertilizers is observed among the developing countries,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin regretted sanctions against Belarusian fertilizers.

He added that besides food security, he would like to discuss with Lukashenko the situation in the region and the economic cooperation.

For his part, Lukashenko raised the issue of partial military mobilization in Russia.

Commenting on reports about people fleeing from military service, Lukashenko said it is better this way, because “there would be no use of them anyway.”

“There was some watershed and criteria we had in 2020 that Russia is (also) having now, which shows who is who. There is nothing bad here,” Lukashenko said, referring to the 2020 protests in Belarus that followed his last reelection.

He noted that Russia’s mobilization potential mounts to 25 million and that the departure of even tens of thousands of people will not have significant consequences.

Many people left Belarus as well and then asked about returning back, Lukashenko noted.

The Belarusian president then added that the future of Europe is with Russia and Belarus, but the cooperation must be based on mutual respect.

“The future of Europe is together with Russia and Belarus, where they have everything they need. And they have what we can buy from them, technology and so on. What else do they need? You just have to make responsible decisions,” he noted.

Lukashenko stressed that neither Moscow nor Belarus will endure humiliation.

About the fertilizers, Lukashenko said the West does not allow the countries to buy them from Belarus.

“Our cause is right, we will win,” he added.

  • Anadolu Agency