| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

British man recounts attack by otters in Singapore gardens

A British guy reported he was attacked by a band of wild otters while walking in Singapore Botanic Gardens early in the morning, leaving him with 26 wounds on his buttocks, legs, and fingers.

Graham Spencer, in his 60s, went out for his customary 6 a.m. stroll in the gardens on Nov. 30 when he was ambushed by a “convoy” of around 20 otters, who stomped and bit him.

“I couldn’t move for 10 or 12 seconds during the entire procedure…

I was afraid I was going to die. I’ll die if they bite my face or neck “According to Reuters, he stated.

Spencer escaped when his friend ran over to scream at the otters and pulled him away.

Animal welfare groups said it is rare for otters to attack humans unless they feel threatened. Spencer said he thought the otters mistook him for a runner who had run past him, stepping on one of the animals in the dim early morning light.

Spencer, a permanent resident of Singapore, said he hoped the authorities would put in place measures such as more solar-powered lights along the pathways.

“I weighed more than 200 pounds and I couldn’t get up without my friend’s help, if the otters had attack a girl or child, they surely could not have survived,” Spencer said.

Singapore Botanic Gardens did not immediately respond to request for comment on Saturday.

  • Reuters