| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Canada launches new Indo-Pacific strategy with focus on ‘increasingly disruptive’ China

Describing China as an “increasingly disruptive global power” on the world stage, Canada’s long-awaited Indo-Pacific strategy, launched on Sunday.
The strategy mentions that despite the multiple threats posed by China, there’s a need for cooperation on urgent issues such as climate change, global health, biodiversity and nuclear non-proliferation.
With this crucial foreign policy, Justin Trudeau’s government would look forward to boosting military spending and further expanding trade ties in the Indo-Pacific region.
The strategy noted: “China is an increasingly disruptive global power. China is looking to shape the international order into a more permissive environment for interests and values that increasingly depart from ours.”
The strategy outlined Canada’s almost half a billion dollars ($1.7 billion) in spending which includes ramping up the nation’s military presence and cyber security in the region.
The policy also mentions strict foreign investment rules to protect intellectual property, in order to prevent Chinese state-owned enterprises from snapping up critical mineral supplies.
The strategy suggests that Canada sees China as a big social and economic force that can’t be ignored as it also says that Beijing won’t hesitate to tweak rules to suit its interests. Canda even stated that it needs to be “clear-eyed” about China’s objectives.

The 26-page document added: “China’s rise, enabled by the same international rules and norms that it now increasingly disregards, has had an enormous impact on the Indo-Pacific, and it has ambitions to become the leading power in the region.”


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