| 27 May 2024, Monday |

COVID digest: German parliament votes to lift restrictions

Despite persistently high infection rates, the German parliament on Friday voted to abolish the nationwide restrictions introduced to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

Germany’s three-party governing coalition brought the bill forward, with every opposition party opposing it. The Bundesrat, the upper house made up of representatives from the 16 states, also approved the bill.

The legislation would allow for the removal of nationwide mask requirements everywhere, except in facilities where vulnerable people are housed, like hospitals and nursing homes. Federal states would also still be able to require face masks on public transport.

“We can’t continue to shield the whole country to protect a small group of those unwilling to be vaccinated and those not willing to go along with the measures to protect them.

Meanwhile, Germany’s incidence rate — coronavirus cases per 100,000 people during a one-week period — reached a record high of 1,706.3 on Friday, according to the Robert Koch Institute.

  • DW